Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Introduction to Creativity

Creativity; the use of imagination or original ideas to create something wonderful.

"In order to encourage creativity, you must first understand what it is."
(Robinson, K. 2013)
Creativity is all about fresh thinking; exploring new ideas that can be applied to all aspects of life, including those that are educational.
Guliford (1950) stated that 'a creative act is an instance of learning.'
In this blog, I am going to explore five key concepts that I believe portray the importance of creativity within education. The five concepts that I have chosen to focus on include:
  • Creative Play
  • The Outdoor Learning Environment
  • Creative Partnerships
  • Creativity within the Curriculum; Scientific Enquiry
  • The Mantle of the Expert

Creativity is a truely personal process. Each individual has different aptitudes and various skills and talents. To encourage creativity one must have be willing to work and experiment with new ideas. Being motivated enhances the skills needed to actively progress, and mastery of these skills grow simultaneously alongside their creative ambitions.

"There are many myths about creativity. One is that only special people are creative; another is that creativity is just about the arts; a third is that it's all to do with uninhibited 'self-expression'. None of these are true. On that contrary, everyone has creative capacities; creativity is possible in whatever you do, and it can require great discipline and many different skills." (Robinson, K. 2013)

I will be discussing and analysing each of the key concepts that I have chosen; assessing their effectiveness and the impact they have on a child's education and learning.

"We have lots of different attitudes, but in one of our attitudes as human beings, we make up a romantic tale about ourselves. Falling in love is mysterious, thinking is mysterious... and so we create great words like "creativity". Creativity is thinking; it just so happens to be thinking that leads to results that we think are great!"
                                                                                        - Amabile, Teresa M.

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